Thank you for taking the time to read my etiquette page. Please don't hesitate to contact me with any unanswered questions or concerns.


Hygiene: I am always immaculately groomed and expect the same in return. Please shower prior to us meeting ~ you're always welcome to shower at my place, I may even join you!

Call if you are running late or need to cancel. I understand things happen (life is life) but please let me know as soon as possible, I will always do the same although it is a very rare occasion you will find me late for an appointment. As well, please don't be early for inservice appointments.



 LIkees : Gifts,Generous clients,Good hygiene ,Executive/Senior managerclients,Mature,respectfulgentlemen,Sense of humor.Sophistication,Successful Businessmen,Good wines,Champagne,Chocolat,Fine dining,well-groomed,Punctual.....



Dislikes : Bad breath,Poor hygiene.Aggressiveness,Rude behavior,Clients who are late, Bargaining my Prices,Cheap Clients,Personal questions,strong cologne,Body odor, (Smoking / drugs / alcohol users,Bad manners,Arrogance,Clients who don't show up whit their name then they call ....





I clarify if you make an appointment and iI clarify if you make an appointment and it is delayed more than 15 minutes without notifying, I will cancel your appointment immediately, the communication is important ..... and remember that I am a VIP ESCORT, my gain is in the quality of services that I offer, but also this is the time I give to other clients who are punctual, I am very fair with everyone, and I like to respect my clients the time they pay .... thank you and I hope my honesty does not offend you .

                                                                           Thanks Sandra Lobato!